For personal projects, I prototype / participate in game jams when time allows it (agnostic to tools / tech / engines, been using Unreal, Unity, GMS2, other interchangeable).

The solo projects’ purpose is twofold: trying new things (exploring genres) and improving & widening my skillset (prototyped over 20 games, some highlights below).

H.A.R.S.T. – 2.5D Platformer prototype [Unreal]

The Recipe – FPS Puzzle prototype [Unreal]

Before The First Day – Third Person Adventure prototype [Unreal]

For Once User Redo – FPS Puzzle prototype [Unreal]

Foxy In The Forest – 2D Platformer prototype (play in browser) [Unity]

F3 – Point & Click Puzzle prototype [GMS2]

Shapers – 2 player Board Game prototype (done over 1 weekend during the C-19 outbreak)

EV01 – Action RPG prototype [GMS2]

KAELOS – 4X Strategy prototype [GMS2]