R.I.G.E. 2 – Game Mechanics

Requirements: Create a game that uses only 1 game mechanic and the game needs to be focused around a word starting with the letter “k”.

Duration: 16-20 September 2019


Entry #1: Benjamin – A kite game where you fly up in the sky

Entry #2: Christoffer – A teleporting knife game where you … well … do what it says up here ^ in order to solve impossible puzzles

Entry #3: Oliver + Freja – A see-saw game based on kilograms where need to avoid obstacles to go to the moon

Entry #4: Christoffer – A knock on glass game where you need to bounce a ball on each moving glass without breaking the glass

Entry #5: Alexander + Andrew – A moshback knockpit rhythm based game where you are in the middle of a mosh-pit, trying to survive incoming metalheads (the track in the prototype was made exclusively for the game)