R.I.G.E. 4 – UX

Requirements: Create a game prototype with the following requirements:

x No text in-game or on buttons

x Minimum 3 goals that the player must achieve to finish the game

x 5 minute gameplay at most

Duration: 8-9 October 2019

NOTE: This was a special experiment, since on the 10th of October, we had 20+ high-school pupils (from Kulturama) that actually play-tested the game (and needed to finish the game in under 5 minutes with no instruction on the game rules from the dev team).

Entry: Lights Up!

Team: Alex, Andrew, Ben, Christoffer, Freja and Oliver

Game Description: A local cooperative game where you have to navigate a dark level with the use of a flashlight, avoiding monsters and finding keys.

RESULTS: All Kulturama pupils finished the game (cooperatively) in under 5 minutes with no instructions from the dev team.