R.I.G.E. 1 – Game Pillars

Requirements: Create a prototype using the following 3 pillars: Approachable, Crafting, 1 Room.

Duration: 9-13 September 2019


Entry #1: Freja – A workshop game where you craft your customer’s wishes

Entry #2: Alexander – A scrumping game where you hit a tree in order to get its fruits

Entry #3: Andrew – A vacuum cleaning game where you are striving to be the best vacuum cleaner in town

Entry #4: Benjamin – An island survival game where your recipes are crafted via minigames

Entry #5: Christoffer – An escape-room game where you play as a doll trying to escape various levels by destroying and crafting your way out

Entry #6: Oliver – A dungeon platformer game where you use the items you get from killing enemies in a forge to get better gear to survive